Some people are asking on the types of lanterns to bring during camping because they are so used to not bringing one when they have their flashlights’ phones with them. What they don’t know is that the light of a lantern is much longer than that of their phones’ batteries. In this article, I will be giving you the different types of lanterns to bring during camping. This will help you decide as to which lantern will suit you most.

One of the best things about lanterns os that they are ideal for illuminating the surrounding area without the need to use your hands. In fact, they can provide 360 degrees of lighting. There are different sizes, wherein the smaller units are great for backpacking, while larger ones are for car campings.

Kinds of Lanterns to Bring During Camping

There are three kinds of lighting for camping, which are the headlamps, flashlights, and of course the lanterns. People are using headlamps and flashlights since rechargeable batteries power them. But due to the uniqueness of lanterns, it is becoming more and more popular with campers.

LED Standing Lanterns

Lanterns to Bring During CampingOne of the most popular kinds of lanterns today is the LED lantern. Because of the LED lights that it has, it became one of the most powerful lanterns today. But you should know that it is important that your batteries are enough to run a lantern. The reason behind this is because LED lanterns tend to consume the life of your batteries fast. So it would be best that your batteries are new, so you no longer need to purchase and replace the batteries of your LED lanterns so often.

Propane Lanterns

Lanterns to Bring During CampingThe propane lanterns may not be as popular, but this is the most useful one. You no longer have to worry about batteries, because as the name says, this kind of lantern is run by propane. The propane canister is all that you need to keep your lantern working. One of the best things about propane lantern is that no matter what condition you are in, your lantern will still be useful. This means that you no longer have to worry about your propane getting wet during rainy days.

Liquid Gas Powered Lanterns

Lanterns to Bring During CampingIf you are not concerned about the weight, then you will surely love the gas-powered lantern ones. One of the best things about this kind of lanterns is that it provides nothing but the brightest lanterns today. But you should know that this is the most expensive and the heaviest lantern to date. A lot of campers love this because it can light up an entire ground and you can adjust the light depending on your needs.

Of course, it also has its disadvantages. One would be it can tend to get messy, especially when refueling since you need to pour it. You also need to pressurize the gas occasionally by pumping. So if you are not up to these things than choosing the other ones would be best.

There are different kinds of lanterns to bring during camping, and they come at different prices. But no matter what the price is, it would be best to also check on the quality and not just the cost that comes with it.

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