Why Paper Lanterns Are Popular In China

During the Eastern Han Dynasty, paper lanterns are use in China as lamps. These paper lanterns are made out of different materials, including paper cutting, Chinese painting, seaming, and pricking. Some of the other materials used are metal, straw, wood, and bamboo. But the two significant materials of lanterns are silk and paper.

Paper Lanterns

Paper LantersBack then, the people who are using lanterns are the monks, and this is whenever they worship Buddha during the first lunar month. But it became a part of a festival with others who are not monks. Some are using lanterns to celebrate the peaceful life that they have. There are also some who are celebrating with lanterns because it symbolizes a powerful, strong, and prosperous country. Since then, lanterns have become popular in China.

Modern Lanterns

Paper LantersNowadays, there are now different lanterns are often seen during festivals. These modern lanterns are made using nothing but the latest technology. So you will probably see lanterns with colorful bulbs and music. The shapes of these modern lanterns have also changed as well. There are cartoon characters, animals, and so on and so forth. The shape will depend on the festival that is being celebrated.

Why Lanterns Are Invented

Paper LantersLanterns are invented because it is a source of light. They can be used for outdoors and indoors, which can help provide light for working and reading. The decorative paper or silk is used to avoid the lantern from going off when it comes to windy.

How These Lanterns Are Used

During the ancient years in China, these lanterns were used for Buddhist worships. But nowadays, it is used for decoration and as well as worship and modern celebrations. In China, lanterns are now a symbol of national pride. You can see them in both public places and homes.

Kinds of Lanterns

There are three different kinds of lanterns that are all used in China. These lanterns are used not only for home use but other purposes as well. Below is the kind of lanterns that you should know about.

Floating Lanterns

Paper LantersFloating lanterns are usually used during the Dragon Boat Festival. This kind of festival usually takes place in lakes, ponds, and rivers. They will float around the boat, which will create beautiful scenery. This kind of lantern comes in different shapes, including lotus. To ensure that the lanterns will create a gorgeous spectacle, they will be lit and put in groups across the water.

Flying Lanterns

Paper LantersDuring special occasions like Mid-Autumn Festival, there will be flying lanterns across the night skies. The flying lanterns are propelled using a hot air which is generated by the flames. S lot of people love seeing them in the sky because of how beautiful they are.

Hanging Lanterns

Paper LantersHanging lanterns are the most common kind of lantern. They are beautiful ones, wherein you can hang them in public and private homes. In the city, there are a lot of lanterns hanging, as they will make the streets well lit during the night. Shops and public buildings also have lanterns hanging. Lastly, during Chinese New Year, these lanterns are hung because it will scare away the monster and bring in good luck.

Everything that you need to know about lanterns are provided above. The only thing left for you to do is to choose which kind of lantern to use. If you want the traditional and most convenient one, then the hanging lantern is your best choice.